Hyper-Automation is a new terminology.

It’s written without hyphen most of the time, like hyperautomation.

It’s the concept of automating everything with intelligence and scale in the organizations that can be automated.

It is an emerging approach of automation. You can refer Gartner definition, which is very long. But the essence is to automate everything you can.

Automation vs Hyperautomation

Automation is automating repetitive tasks or day-to-day tasks, so that it will carry on without any kind of manual intervention.

Hyperautomation on the other side automates intelligently/smartly at scale, which includes Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), etc. So, whatever “automation” we have done, having a feedback loop which continuously improves the automation via AIML, RPA, etc.

For example, managed GKE in GCP is automation but managed GKE with autopilot mode is hyperautomation.