Everything as a Service – XaaS


It all started with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). But now it’s expanded into every possible way because it’s an era of managed service/infrastructure. We will see it one by one.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service (Managed Infrastructure)

It is a service where service providers provide core infrastructure (hardware). Hardware resources like compute, storage, etc. is managed for us, so all the related issues like heating, upgrade, drivers, etc. will be taken care of by service providers. For example, all cloud providers are providing IaaS.

PaaS – Platform as a ServiceĀ 

It is a service where users are provided with a platform which enables them to create software, apps, etc. Many of cloud services provided by the cloud vendors are PaaS, for example AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The platform is entirely owned by the provider company, and bears all the responsibilities for the platform like incidents, providing upgrades, etc.

SaaS – Software as a Service

This is the most common type of service most companies or individuals use. Here entire software/app is provided as a service. For example, Gmail, GSuite, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.

AaaS – Analytics as a Service

Most of the companies turn their data into insights and using those insights they drive their business decisions. Many companies emerged to provide Analytics as a Service like Outlier, Tableau, etc.

AUTHaaS – Authentication as a Service

Some of the acronyms have more than one meaning. It enables users to implement access control solutions for their platform. There are many security companies providing AUTHaaS like Duo Security.

IDaaS – Identity as a Service

It provides various identity related managed services like IAM – Identity Access Management, MFA – Multi-factor authentication, SSO – Single sign-on, etc. Kee players include Okta, Cloudflare, etc.

DaaS – Desktop as a Service

DaaS (or PCaas – PC as a Service) enables companies and users to manage their entire workforce through a secured web browser. Nowadays most of the companies are adopting hybrid work culture, so employees work from home frequently. An example of DaaS is Citrix.

dbPaaS – Database platform as a Service

As its clear from the name, it’s a database as a service. Many companies are providing this kind of service like Oracle database as a service provided by Oracle.

CaaS – Container as a Service

It’s a cloud service model which allows users to deal with the containers in a managed way, like deploy and manage containers, applications and clusters via container-based virtualization. For example, Cloud Run in Google Cloud is CaaS.

STaaS – Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service has been there for a long time, almost more than a decade. Like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, etc. There are plenty of vendors providers in the market which providers you unlimited storage capacity.

FaaS – Function as a Service

It is a serverless way to execute application functionalities with some limitations. It provides an event-driven execution model that runs stateless containers with the functionalities you provide it to execute. For example, IBM Cloud Functions, Amazon’s AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions, etc.

SECaaS – Security as a Service

It provides security services and infrastructure on a subscription basis. It includes many things like network security, infrastructure security, application security, intrusion protection, endpoint security, spam protection, security assessment, vulnerability scanning, etc. Key vendors include various cloud providers, Qualys, CrowdStrike, Cloudflare, etc.

CaaS – Communications as a Service

It is an outsourced enterprise communications solution which can be leased from a vendor. For example, VoIP or internet telephony, Instant Messaging (IM), collaboration and video conferencing solutions (zoom), etc.

TaaS – Transport as a Service

It provides transportation and mobility services. For example, Uber taxi services, etc.

HaaS – Healthcare as a Service

Healthcare service is transformed into Healthcare-as-a-Service with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and HIS (Hospital Information Systems). With emerging technologies like IoT, wearables, Cloud Computing, etc. Medical treatments become more patient-centric and data driven.

NaaS – Networking as a Service

It is networking resources, services and products as a product that is purchased for the number of users mostly contracted for a defined period of time. Examples include Amazon, Rackspace, AT&T, Verizon, etc.

HRaaS – Human Resource as a Service

HRaaS (human resources as a service), or Cloud HCM (human capital management). Key providers include Workday, SAP, Oracle, etc.

CEaaS – Customer Engagement as a Service

CRM (customer relationship management), CEC (customer engagement center). Key providers include Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Microsoft, etc.

VaaS – Video as a ServiceĀ 

Key providers include Adobe, Polycom, Vidyo, Cisco, Avaya, etc.

DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service

Key providers include IBM, Recovery Point, StorageCraft, TierPoint, etc.

iPaaS – integration Platform as a Service

Key vendors include Mulesoft, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Informatica, DBSync, etc.

AIaaS – Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Key players are AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.