Master Oogway answers Po about K3s and K0s


Once upon a time, Po tried to set up K8s test cluster locally to run some test workloads. He wants to setup lighter options of K8s and come to Master Oogway for help. Let’s see the conversation between the two legends.

Po:Master Oogway, how can I set up a lightweight K8s test cluster on my local machine? I mean I can set up a full-fledged cluster, but considering limited memory and CPU it will blow up to the limit shortly. And, in future it will slow down everything. I have had some bad experiences in the past playing with the Kubernetes clusters on clouds, so I thought …

Oogway:You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There is a saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

Po:Ohhhh ya ya, that is why it is called the present. You told me many times. I’m already believing in myself, also got inner piece and mastered my chi ohh sorry inner peace. That would be the other way, but I just accidentally …

Oogway:There are no accidents.

Po:Ohh right, but how can I?

Oogway:Ah! There are many ways to set it up. You can set up Minikube, Microk8s, K3s, K0s, Kind, K3d …

Po:Whoooaaa!! So, can I run it on PC with low memory? Can I need a Virtual Machine? Or Can I set it up without a Virtual Machine? Can I set it up in a Windows based system?

Oogway:Questions, questions, don’t stop asking questions …

Po:Can I run production level workloads on my local test clusters? Can I … ?

Oogway:Your mind is like this water. (Master Oogway is showing the river water with his stick) It keeps flowing. You can do all of this in your local test cluster.


Oogway:All are lightweight solutions, you can setup anywhere in a Virtual Machine, in a container or in a bare metal …

Po:Can I, Can I also run it in the Windows system?

Oogway:Yesss, yes all are platform agnostic. MMmmmmm, most of them. For some like K3s, you need to set it up in a Virtual Machine or container running Linux for the Windows based system.

Po:Is it easy to set it up on any system? Are there any shortcuts?

Oogway:There are no shortcuts. But manuals are available to set it up on any system.

Po:Let me try it tonight. I will not sleep until I learn all of it.

Oogway:Hurry. Don’t hurry. Why hurry?

Till Master Oogway finished his sentence Po left the scene in hurry to try to set up local Kubernetes test cluster with these different options (Minikube, Microk8s, K3s, K0s, K3d, etc.). We will see the difference between these lightweight tools to set up local test clusters and step by step guide on how we can set it up locally.