Master Shifu answers why k8s to Po

Once upon a time while Po was learning Kubernetes there was one doubt that arose in his mind that, why the k8s used as short form for Kubernetes? He reaches out to his master Shifu to resolve it. Let’s see how the conversation between these two legends evolves.

Po: Master Shifu, I have just learned Kubernetes. It is a great tool to manage my fightloads. But I don’t understand why it’s called k8s.

Shifu: Hmmm …

Po: It is not even an acronym for Kubernetes. Like in the IT field, for long phrases we are using most of the time lots of acronyms. For example, I’m using SOA for the Service Oriented Architecture, DP for the Design Patterns (aaaahh nope that’s the wrong one) …

Shifu: And …

Po: I’m using the IaC for Infrastructure as Code, and and DP for the Design Patterns, ohhh that I’ve already told you … But why the k8s for Kubernetes?

Shifu: Haaa Haaa (smiling lightly), it is a numeronym.

Po: A Numeronym? What is it? Can I spin up cluster with it? Can I do one click deployment in Kubernetes with it? Can I, I jump on it, and fight with it? Can I eat it? ..

Shifu: Nope!!

Po: Then??

Shifu: A numeronym is a shortened form of the original word, where number is used to form an abbreviation.

Po: Nuuummmerrrrronnnyyym …

Shifu: Yes, it is the method used to create abbreviations, not the acronyms.

Po: Ohhh, Isn’t it same?

Shifu: Nooo, the acronyms created by taking first letters from the phrase, but the numeronyms created by inserting number in single world so it sounds similar to the original word or make it abbreviation so easy in writing.

Po: Hmm

Shifu:Like, the IaC is acronym for Infrastructure as Code but gr8 is numeronym for great.

Po:Aweeesssoommmeee …

Shifu: There are other popular numeronyms as well like i18n for internationalization, l10n for localization, m17n for multilingualization, a11y for accessibility …

Po: How isss that number come in between? Is it having any meaning or randomly we can choose the number?

Shifu:Yeaahhh, the number is choosen to suit pronounciation, or it is exactly the count of letters we skip and insert the number instead. Like in kubernetes, we skip 8 letters so we write it like k8s.

Po: Wooooooow, Ammaazzzzinggg. Thank you master, you have enlightened me with your knowledge.

And then Po left to continue his journey of learning Kubernetes.

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