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Tag: Terminologies



Hyper-Automation is a new terminology. 

It’s written without hyphen most of the time, like hyperautomation.

It’s the concept of automating everything with intelligence and scale in the organizations that can be automated.

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Understanding Basics of DevOps


The DevOps (Developers + Operations) is a cultural shift that emphasizes on communication, collaboration and integration between developers and operations teams. There is many concepts evolved over the time under the DevOps title, like CI/CD, DevSecOps, etc. We will understand these basics of DevOps in this article.

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REST and APIs Terminologies – Confusion Cleared


There are lots of REST and API terminologies we come across in software development. For example REST, RESTful, APIs, Web APIs, Web Services, etc. just to name a few. It’s always confusing for most of the software developers and architects, and they start using these terminologies in a wrong context sometimes. Let’s clear the confusion between these various terminologies used very frequently nowadays in software development.

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