Python Programming for Beginners


Python, a dynamic and versatile programming language, has captured the hearts of beginners and seasoned developers alike with its clean syntax and broad range of applications. In this series we will delve into Python from the beginner’s perspective. We will start from installing python to the variables, input/output, conditional statements, loops, lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, exception handling, file handling, dates, times, and all the way to the list comprehensions.

  1. Getting Started with Python
  2. Variables and Data Types in Python
  3. Basic Input and Output in Python
  4. Conditional Statements in Python
  5. Loops in Python
  6. Lists and Tuples in Python
  7. Dictionaries and Sets in Python
  8. Functions and Modules in Python
  9. Exception Handling in Python
  10. File Handling in Python
  11. Working with Dates and Times in Python
  12. List Comprehensions in Python

Happy Coding!